Product Launches

With experience launching ten international MMORPG’s and five indie games, we can help games companies put together practical marketing, communication and advertising strategies to effectively launch their games, with specific expertise in online browser and MMORPG’s, and mobile games.


We can work with you to develop your product’s monetisation model, based on 7 years experience across the browser game, downloadable MMORPG and mobile games industries. From setting metrics, identifying conversion rates, and identifying bottlenecks along the way, we can help you find areas to improve in-game monetisation, and generating positive return on investment from advertising activities.


We have a lot of experience with both successful and unsuccessful commercialisation of games through micro-transactions and advertising. We can help you realistically evaluate if your commercialisation model numbers are right or wrong, and help you understand the investment required to deliver your company’s goals. We can also help guide you on how you approach pricing and selling your games.

Ad Campaign Management

Having managed and analysed over €10,000,000 worth of advertising over 7 years, we have extensive experience negotiating, integrating, managing and optimising advertising campaigns across major providers including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other leading international advertising and affiliate networks.

We can work with budgets of all sizes, either for a one off fee, or a monthly retainer.

Marketing & In-Product Analytics

We can work with companies to integrate, understand and interpret a range of analytics platforms, and develop actionable reports to identify bottlenecks in their conversion and gameplay funnels, and get insight about player behaviour and monetisation.


We can help you create and manage ongoing integrated communications strategies for your games at any stage of it’s life cycle.

We can provide training and guidance on a wide variety of communications functions, including press releases, blog posts, screenshots, trailers, promotions, social media management and community management.

Training Programs

We can develop and deliver one-to-one training for games companies executives and customer facing staff, helping to put together best practice processes and procedures to ensure that your team is communicating effectively with your audience, and marketing and advertising activities are delivered correctly.

User Feedback

With a long background in market research, we can work with you to design, create and integrate structured user feedback surveys in your product and through your communications channels.

Once complete, we can help you interpret the data and generate actionable reports, allowing you to identify bugs, source new ideas, respond to player feedback and improve your games.

Irish Games Industry Research

We can create a number of bespoke reports for clients with facts and statistics on the Irish games industry based on fourteen years of experience in the local scene, and four years of independently conducted primary research.

You can also buy a PDF copy of the Games Industry in Ireland 2012, with substantial discounts available to members of on request.

Next available project – January 2015

Whether you need help promoting a crowd funding program, want to design and execute a marketing and communications plan for your game, or just need some general advice, I'm here to help #IrishGameDev
Jamie McCormick